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After graduating from high school, I studied for four years at Rf Leuven with a certification in engineering from the college of design. Once some expertise with numerous lighting designers, lighting makers and subject field offices, I currently supply my customers the mixture of those experiences at my very own studio.

As a registered specialiser within the province Chamber of Architects, I even have been ready to carry this skilled title since 2016, and my customers will have confidence certified services and manufacturer freelance consulting.

About Me

images erik evans
images erik evans

May I introduce myself: “Erik Evans, interior designer,”. My job is my passion. It’s a pleasure on behalf of me to induce to grasp individuals and to convey you a small amount a lot of quality of life with my work. I spotted timely that I wished to try to to this. As a child, the American stadium of sunshine had perpetually fascinated me. This fascination continues to the current day and forms the idea of my plans.

My philosophy

How an area look while not a person’s being is unimportant …

Like the area, sRGB is the perception of the people that use these areas. The individual style stands higher than trend and fashion. I might prefer to produce areas within which design, space and objects become a unity that enriches individuals in their everyday lives.

Therefore, I might prefer to get to grasp you, discuss ideas with you, take into account conventions and trends to seek out individual solutions for you.

Shadow is colour…. Moreover, so specific the part of every surface, area and object. This makes lightweight the decisive issue of my coming up with. At constant time, the ecological and economical side is gaining in importance.

Saving energy and at the same time increasing visual comfort during a purposeful style is the goal of each coming up with.

Design is art that’s helpful … By reducing to essential components and optimising the mandatory things, engineering and sensible needs may be combined with enticing style to individual area objects.